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Multi-user application

We are able to experience virtual worlds simultaneously with several people in one room. This is also about interacting together to solve tasks like in a game. New paths in the design process in industry are also being used here by networking departments and meetings with several people.



The "we-together experience" in the same room, seeing the same thing, is the biggest difference between single and multi-user applications. We think it's the same in VR - so we created our own Master Scene.

Users interact with each other and solve problems that are only possible in one group and at the same time have the same experience, this not only saves costs but also motivates your employees. Distances are a thing of the past, join external consultants from other countries for joint VR meetings, and create relevant entries right in your application (lap).

Multi user applications

Currently, VR and AR are a form of single-user media. Our goal is to experience this medium together, no matter what space you are in.



 Multi-user applications open up the possibilities of using VR and AR in almost any environment, from amusement parks and arcades to educational institutions and first-aid training to the production of innovative design.

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